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1986 Porsche Slant Nose Turbo with only 2,500 miles

How often do you get to see one of these? This is a ONE OWNER, unrestored, original 1986 Slant Nose Turbo with ONLY 2,500 miles. This car is absolutely spotless. It was here for service and I could not keep my eyes off of it. I have a love for Slant Nose cars. Do you think this is one of the stand out cars in the Turbo history?

Bill sent this great information on this fascinating car.

This vehicle is a genuine factory Flachtbau Turbo that was hand built to customer specification at Porsche’s customer service/repair facility (Werke 1) in Zuffenhausen. Production estimates for the Flachtbau (Flat Nose) vehicles (also referred to as Slant Nose and Slope Nose) range from 236 to 264 during the period from 1981 to 1986 when the modifications were only available through Porsche’s Sonderwunsche Programme (Special Wishes Program) in Germany. Completed cars were taken from the factory and delivered to Werke 1 where the modifications were done on a custom order basis. In addition to the body work and custom interior appointments, most customers specified the “Increased Performance” engine option which borrowed numerous modifications from the Group B (Gruppe B) racing engine. The optional engine (as installed in this car) was conservatively rated at 330bhp and included an upgraded turbocharger, larger inter-cooler, high-lift cam profile, boost  increase from .8 to 1.0 bar, and a free flow 4-pipe exhaust (the two tips exiting the left rear corner being for the waste-gate).

Starting with model year 1987 (and because the option was then offered as standard production option M505 to U.S. and M506 to R.O.W. customers) the Slant Nose cars were built on the assembly line along with the regular 930 Turbos. The M505 options cars for the U.S. were built with the standard (and already DOT approved) front Turbo valance instead of the R.O.W. air dam w/racing oil cooler which was deemed to be a possible fire hazard in event of a crash. Porsche elected to avoid this potential liability in the American market by moving the oil cooler to the passenger-side rear vent opening on the M505 cars. The engine and other specifications remained identical to the non-M505 Turbos offered in the U.S.

Production numbers (both M505 and M506) for model years 1987-1989 are reported to be around 600 vehicles which suggests a total of approximately 850 factory Slant Nose cars when including the Werke 1 Sonderwunsche cars custom built from 1981 to 1986 through Porsche’s Special Wishes Program.


  1. My mechanic recently had in an 89 Slant Nose Turbo with 12,000 miles. Guards Red. Fuchs could have used a little work, but wow. What a car.

  2. I am interested in a turbo or non turbo slant nose
    Original, not make over.
    Please advise if there is one available.


    • I own an original factory Convertable slant nose. I would consider selling to the right buyer. My car is white with a black top and guards red interior.
      The car is Incredible, NO disappointments. 36000 original miles, upgraded stereo, customer black lamb skin seat covers and carpets. Everything else is original. If you are you still looking, cantact me at the email above.

      Best wishes

      • David, don’t see an email listed. How to contact you regarding your slantnose cab? Thanks.

      • My email is

    • This site is worse than ebay. If you can’t tell me what you want for it, I’m not interested. My first 3 were fairly prices for their options and condition so I bought them.
      They’re nice to look at here but it’s hard to go any farther.

      • John,

        I am sorry that you feel that way, I have been dealing with some personal issues and have not been on the blog for a while. I am back to it now. That car was posted just for people to look at and enjoy. It was not for sale.

        Thank You,


      • John,
        Check out my post 1/18/10:
        I have a beautiful original slantnose cab.
        Let me know of your interest?

        Best Regards,

  3. Peter,

    I will forward your email address to the owner of this car.

    Thank You,


  4. This car is for sale as “make an offer” in the PCA Mart. Anyone know what this car is worth. I have searched all my resources and have come up with so many variables as not to be useful whatsoever. What is a fair offer/value for this car?

  5. I am very interested in this car. Serious collector, not a time waster. Please contact me with details of the seller. Thanks, Ken

    • Ken, I see you are interested in a slant nose.
      I have one i would consider selling.
      Here are the specs.
      1988 Factory Slantnose CABRIOLET
      36K miles, no exterior work or dings at all, custom stereo, excellent condition
      It is white exterior, black top, red interior with black accents. Does not leak a drop of oil.
      Thanks David

  6. Wally-
    “Alton” inquired about establishing a value for the ’86 Turbo, the car was sold and has gone to a Porsche enthusiast who added the car to a very impressive collection. Out of respect for the new owner the selling price is confidential, only that it was six figures and the purchaser is delighted with his acquisition. The new photos you added look great in the blog!!

    Best regards. Bill

  7. I have a 1988 with 36000 miles its in great condition what is it worth? thanks nick

  8. Nick,

    I am forwarding your information to the gentleman who owned the ’86 Slant Nose I posted on the blog. His name is Bill and he is the expert on these cars.

    Thank You very much for visiting,


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  10. I own an ’87 factory RUF BTR (Group B Turbo) slant nose coupe…one of 2 slant nose coupes built by RUF at the Pfaffenhausen factory (per Estonia Ruf, by email). It has never been a Porsche…it is a factory RUF…the first non gray-market factory import, certifying RUF as a US manufacturer (I have USDOT and USEPA documentation). It is a fun and beautiful car which I have owned for more than a decade, and which I might consider selling at the right price.

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