Posted by: porschebahn | September 14, 2008

Sorry about the four days of no activity

I apologize for the lack of posts for the last four days.  I went to the International Motor Press Associations test days at the Pocono Race track as a guest.  What a track!  We went hoping to see the 2009 Carrera again and get more pictures and get impressions from the journalists at the event.  I was disappointed as Porsche did not bring the Carrera.  They had an ’08 Boxster S RS60 Spyder and Cayenne GTS.  Wonderful cars but we needed to see the Carrera with PDK.  The test days were fantastic non the less.  There were around 150 cars and SUV’s to see and drive along with some interesting diesels offered in Europe that we will probably not see here.  These diesels had outstanding performance and got around 45 to 64 miles per gallon depending on the car.  You would never know they were diesels.  Check out the torque numbers on the BMW and the Mini diesels.  And they rev.  They felt stronger than their gas powered counter parts! Probably because of the low end torque.

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