Posted by: porschebahn | September 22, 2008

1961 Abarth Carrera

The Abarth Carrera is an aluminum bodied car built on a 356 B chassis.  These cars were built to exploit a loop hole that Porsche found in the FIA rule book.  The rules defined a car based on its chassis and drive train rather than by its body.  Porsche knew they needed to build a lighter weight car for the four cam Carrera engine to compete with the likes of Alfa Romeo and others who were building more specialized cars.

Carlo Abarth was contracted in 1959 to develope these cars.  Porsche initially wanted Zagato to design the body but that task fell on ex-Bertone designer Franco Scaglione.  Only 21 Abarth Carrera’s were built and all were built on chassis and floorpans taken directly from Porsche’s 356 B Carrera GT productionThe first 3 bodies were fabricated by Rocco Motto in Turin Italy.  But the final 18 were built by another small Turin company, Viarengo & Filiponni.  The chassis numbers were 1001 to 1021, and this car is chassis number 1010.  Judging by its kill markings on the front fender it has had a very successful racing career.

If you would like to see another of Count Corel de Beaufort cars, take a look at his RSK posted on September 8th.

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