Posted by: porschebahn | November 19, 2008

1986 Porsche 930 Turbo

Here is another interesting car we get to see regularly when it comes in for service and modifications.

The owner enjoys making the car handle better, stop quicker and go faster.  The engine has been converted to electronic fuel injection and the stock Turbo was replaced with a larger Garrett unit along with headers and a Kokeln intercooler.  The 4 speed transmission was replaced with a G50.  It shares garage space with his 996 Turbo and Ferrari F430, but this one is his favorite.

What do you think of the body modifications?


  1. The wheels look like /pimp my ride!!!!!!! Not Correct for a true 930 turbo.I like the bigger intercooler. I use the 4 speed transmission,a bullet proof gear box.have installed 1 with low ratio ring & pinion from ANDAIL.Have not been to the race track yet,with it but the stock worked good at Sebring.

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