Posted by: porschebahn | January 22, 2009

Gulf Oil LeMans Tribute Carrera Project – Part 1


 This is the first in a series of posts on an interesting project being undertaken by Eric Lundy and Lee Kemper.  I will be posting what is basically their project diary in their own words.  These two have a few other projects schedules after this one.  Eric has been collecting unloved and neglected Carrera’s for a while and has a large supply of parts for sale, from body and engines parts to complete engines.  You can reach Eric at (843) 298-9677 and Lee at (843) 304-2842.


 A chance meeting of two neighbors in Rose Hill Plantation, Bluffton S.C. in the fall of 2008 resulted in a decision to build a Porsche Street/Racer tribute to the famous Gulf Oil Race cars of LeMans fame during the 1970’s. Lee Kemper, a founding partner of the Porsche restoration and racing firm Moorespeed Inc. of Austin Texas and Eric Lunde, a retired Army aviator who had a long standing interest in the Marque decided to pool their contacts and resources to build a special Porsche 911 that would be dual purpose, fun on the street and quick on the track. What follows will be a description of our day by day activities with photos as we take a forlorn 1977 911S and transform it into a Gulf Oil LeMans tribute.  

   Day 1 – The discovery is made in Beaufort S C. Responding to a late summer ad in craigslist, Eric arrived at the residence of Jim Passanante the owner of the purple/pink 911 you see in the photos below. This was not love at first glance as you can imagine, but perseverance uncovered a critical factor in this unlikely sequence of events. As he walked around the car noting that it was basically complete, accident and rust free, the flash of unusual color on the interior floor-pans caught his eye. There was the unmistakable color of Gulf Blue and as the front hood was raised the original color was evident through out the chassis. The car was not purchased that day because the meeting between Eric and Lee had not happened yet but several weeks later everything came together and the car was secured and transported to our shop for our project to begin.  

Day 2-The 911 goes up on jackstands at our remote shop near Palmetto Bluff and the teardown begins in earnest. Long experience taught Lee that this phase of the project must be done carefully using a system of bagging each group of removed items into zip lock bags and using a marker to indicate the contents. As Lee worked on the exterior and major components Eric concentrated on the interior.

To see the most recent posts on this project go to Project Cars under categories on the top right of the blog


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  2. GO LEE! Back in the saddle again……. Yeehaw!
    Good Luck Men!
    She’s a beaut!!

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