Posted by: porschebahn | January 28, 2009

Return of the Porsche 914 ?

Rumors abound that if VW gets the approval to build their Bluesport concept, then Porsche, Audi and SEAT will get their own versions.  The new car is to be powered by a 4 cylinder engine, possibly turbocharged, but I doubt it will be a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder.  This move will certainly help the companys average CAFE and CO2 emissions ratings.  Production would start 2012 at the earliest.

The Bluesport looks good by not sure about the Mazda RX8 style fenders.  Wonderful concept for Porsche especially with a high reving horizontally opposed 4 cylinder like the 914 and a PDK.  Great track car.  Anxious to see pictures of a Porsche version.

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