Posted by: porschebahn | January 30, 2009

Classic Car Facility Offers Swap Your Stocks Program

I found this interesting!


NEW YORK, NY, JANUARY 16, 2009: Cooper Classics LTD, the East Coast’s oldest and well renowned Classic Car Facility, will  initiate two of the most unique programs ever offered by a Classic Car Dealer. For the first time collectors will use their stocks as credit towards the purchase of a classic car; however, the credit will be based on the stock’s “pre crash” value dated 6/30/08. Classic Car Collectors now have the opportunity to turn their devalued stocks into an investment grade classic car. Cooper Classics LTD will also offer exclusive financing on all of their Classic Cars in an effort to resolve the recent “credit crunch” potential clients are facing. Financing will be available to their International Clients as

The Classic Car Gallery based out of New York City’s Greenwich Village made the decision to introduce the program after its President, Elliot Cuker, found that he wanted to share his Leading Classic Car Facility Offers “Swap Your Stocks” Program confidence in the market by offering a new way to invest in a Classic Car. Many collectors in this current market feel they missed the opportunity to invest in a classic car when they did not sell their stocks at the apex of the market. “I should have sold earlier instead of waiting. Now I don’t know what to do. Either I wait for the market to recover or take a loss today.” laments a client who placed a deposit on a Jaguar XKE Convertible before the recent drop in the market. He planned on converting part of his portfolio into cash to pay for the car. Collectors either feel burdened with a devalued stock in their portfolio, or they cannot secure a loan to invest in the Classic Car they desire. Elliot Cuker feels that his company, Cooper Classics LTD, can offer a different avenue towards Classic Car Investment, so that his clients will not be penalized by current market conditions. The program begins this January.

Cooper Classics LTD has been a leader in the Classic Car Industry since 1976. They maintain one of the most exclusive collections of Classic Cars for sale in their two distinct and prestigious galleries which face each other on the north and south side of Perry Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

For more information contact:

Phone: 212-929-3909



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