Posted by: porschebahn | February 12, 2009

Official 2010 Porsche Panamera Interior Pictures and Prices Released

The interior looks Fantastic!  It looks Porsche all the way.  The seats do remind me of the 928 seats as does the view looking forward from the rear.  You can see it is very luxurious and spacious.  Look how wide the seating area is!  It does not appear that your legs will be cramped between the door and console.  It is a 4 seat configuration with plenty of legroom and headroom.  The interior will be available in smooth and natural leathers with a total of 13 color choices and material combinations including four bi-color options and seven optional interior trim finish styles which include exclusive materials such as Carlon and Olive Natural open-pore wood.  The rear luggage area provides up to 15.7 cubic feet of space, enough room for four large suitcases.  The tall space enables luggage to be loaded in an upright position, and with the rear seat folded down the luggage space increases up to 44.6 cubic feet.

The Panamera is the first Porsche to offer the High-End Surround Sound System from Burmester.  The system includes 16 loudspeakers run by 16 amplifier channels with more than 1,000 W overall output that is rounded off by an active subwoofer together with a 300 W Class D amplifier.

Porsche will launch the Panamera in the V8 configurations first.  The rear-wheel drive Panamera S with a 400 horsepower 4.8 liter that will accomplish a 5.2 second 0 to 60 and a top speed of 175 mph.  Panamera S will have a MSRP of $89,800.  The all-wheel drive Panamera 4S with the same 4.8 but with a claimed 4.8 second 0 to 60 time and the same top speed of 175 mph.  The MSRP is to be $93,800.  At the top is the Panamera Turbo with a 500 horsepower twin-turbo version of the 4.8 with a 0 to 60 time of 4 seconds flat and a top speed of 188 mph.  The MSRP of the Turbo is to be $132,600.  All will have the fantastic PDK transmission as standard equipment.

To see more go to the Porscheusa.

Can’t wait to see the car in the flesh!!!


  1. Wally,

    A guy takes a day off and look what happens. AWESOME!!


  2. Looks great. Can’t wait…

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