Posted by: porschebahn | February 15, 2009

Gulf Oil LeMans Tribute Carrera Project – Part 5

     We are moving along steadily as you can see.  The car is back at my shop after a less than stellar sandblasting job.  So, we will continue on where the fellow left off.  We did get most of the paint and undercoating off the easily accessible places, but we are more meticulous and will spend the time to do it 100%.  The sandblasting was a learning experience, in that you must have more than 100 PSI (continuously) out of the compressor to knock off the really tough undercoating and seam sealers.  Probably 150-200 PSI would be the ticket.  We spent about $1050 including 25 hours of paid labor at $40 per hour, and we will have to put in at least that much more effort to get the car to Lee’s standards.  The green primer is zinc chromate metal etching primer, and one of those two-part systems that demand a respirator to use safely.

     Next will be the priming of all the areas we will clean, then some small metal repair, and on to the full priming of the sandable filler primer.  The last shots are of the 3.0L motor, which has upgraded cams, hi tech ignition, PMO carbs, and all the standard reliability upgrades.  Eventually, that motor will be installed with the 911S 915 trans that was original to the car.  Our next challenge is to fabricate and install the roll cage.  If we can’t find an appropriate shop locally, we may have to take the car to Memphis to a shop that Lee has dealt with during his years of racing.  We need a shop that specializes in full-up roll cages for modern racers.  More later…..

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  1. Hi and greetings from Denmark,

    Found your project on the web as I am presently doing exactly what you are, stripping an 1975 911S and rebuilding and painting the car in Gulf Oil colours, still have approx 10 month to go, as the car is now into pieces, and due to the heavy snowfall unable to do any outdoor sandblasting and so on. So for the next 2 month, until spring and the warm weather is back, it’s parts dismantling (brakecaliber, suspension – you know the work I can see from your pictures).

    All the best from Denmark.

    John Callesen

    • John,

      Thanks for visiting.

      The guys have the car going back together now and they hope to have it completed this summer. I would love to see some pictures of your project when you have time.

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