Posted by: porschebahn | February 19, 2009

Porsche Cayenne Diesel


Porsche will be launching the New Cayenne Diesel at this years Geneva Motor Show March 5th through the 15th along with the 2009 GT3.  Unfortunately we will not see it in the US for now.  Rumor is that the car is being readied for other markets, lets hope ours is one of them.

The Cayenne Diesel will be powered by a 3.0 liter Turbo V6 making 240 bhp with an incredible 405 lb/ft of torque.  That is more torque than the current GTS.  The torque peaks at a low 2000 rpm and after all, torque is what gets a car moving.

It comes exclusively with the 6 speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission.  Average fuel consumption will be a little better than 25 mpg, giving the car a range of 620 miles on a tank of fuel.  With the high torque number and long range, the Cayenne Turbo Diesel with have significant advantages traveling long distances and towing a trailer.

Porsche, PLEASE bring this car to the US!  There are several wonderful and very economical Diesels available to the European market, isn’t it about time we get them in this country?  Have a look at an earlier post on the BMW 123 Diesel and the Mini Cooper Diesel, both getting incredible mileage and tons of performance.  Please visit – Sorry about the four days of no activity.  Why can’t we have them?



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