Posted by: porschebahn | March 18, 2009

1960 Porsche 356B-T5 1600 Carrera GS-GT Roadster

This 1600 Carrera GS-GT Roadster was being displayed by The Rawson Collection from St. Petersburg Florida at this years Amelia Island Concours.  It is chassis #88077 and engine #95070 and is a special car manufactured by Porsche for family friend and racing driver Victor Rolff.  According to the factory records and Cardex #88077 is the only 356B-T5 1600 four-cam Carrera Roadster ever built by the factory. 

It has many special features including Speedster seats, a factory roll bar, Sebring exhaust system, headlight stone guards, leather hold-downs on the hood and a 80 liter racing fuel tank.

#88077 was restored to its original state in the period between 1996 and 2000 in Germany.  The current owner has consulted with various factory personnel and factory records to confirm the the cars authenticity.  This car is truly a one-off and the only one of its kind.

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