Posted by: porschebahn | March 22, 2009

1961 Porsche 356B Carrera GT

This is chassis number 115386 that was displayed by 40 Cylinder Group of Durham, North Carolina at this years Amelia Island Concours.  They won Best in Class in the 4 cam Porsche class.

It was built during 1961 for the Duke of Albucerque, a Spanish rally driver.  The Duke failed to claim the car and Porsche’s Von Hanstein offered the car to German rally driver Hans Schuller who purchased and campaigned the car in numerous ADAC rallies.

Chassis #115386 is one of approximately 35 T-5 chassis built during late 1960 and 1961 for lightweight competition use.  The car is fitted with aluminum doors and decks.  The Kardex for this car notes 31 lines of variations from the standard 356B T-5.  It is powered by a 692/3A four cam engine.  Of the approximate 35 T-5 lightweight cars, 10 were equipped with the Super 90 engine, others were equipped with the 692/3 engine and fewer than nine were fitted with the powerful 692/3A engine making this example one of the few remaining T-5 lightweight competition rally cars in the word.

Look at the build quality and details on this car!  Notice the mirror on the drivers side fender.

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