Posted by: porschebahn | March 27, 2009

1959 Porsche RSK 718 at 2009 Amelia Island Concours

Richard Grant III of Dayton Ohio had this rare and unique RSK 718 on display at this years Amelia Island Concours.  I have now been lucky enough to have seen three of the six factory built RSK center seat cars.

In 1957, Formula Two was reinstated as the Junior Formula to Formula One.  The rules called for non supercharged 1500 cc engines with full envelope or open wheeled cars eligible.  Porsche achieved success with both G50 and RSK’s.  In 1959 at the request of several customers, Porsche built RSK’s that could be configured with left hand steering for sports car racing or center steering for Formula racing.

RSK #718-028 was built in April 1959 and sold to Kurt Christian Goethals in Belgium.  It was successfully raced by Goethals for one season and then returned to Porsche to be fitted with a 1600 cc engine.  The car remained at the Porsche factory, un-raced, until it was sold to a U.S. buyer in 1974.  It was raced briefly, resold, and stored until Richard purchased it in 1990.  RSK #028 was restored in the single seat configuration and has been actively vintage raced since 1992.

To see 2 more RSK’s please visit:  Porsche RSK at Rennsport III and 1964 Porsche 904 and a 1959 Porsche RSK F2

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