Posted by: porschebahn | March 31, 2009

3.8 Liter 964 Engine Build – Part 4

I said part 4 would be the installation of the engine and a road test, but I had neglected to include some details on the engine, so here is another update.

George is wiring up all of the sensors for the Electromotive twin plug electronic ignition and sequential electronic fuel injection. The throttle bodies are 50 mm PMO units. Camshafts are from Web Cam and are a custom grind. The pistons are JE 13.5 to 1’s that George cut down to a 13 to 1 compression ratio.

Part 5 will be an update on the transmission. George is changing third, fourth and fifth gear ratios to work better for the type of tracks he and Jim will be using the car on. Instead of having a top speed of 178 mph, it will have a max speed of 155 mph at 7200 rpm.

To see the start of this project please visit Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


  1. I’m glad my car is not in for service this week!

  2. Rob,

    So am I! Good to see you and Robbie at Roebling yesterday and I look foward to seeing the pictures of your beautiful new machine on Porschebahn soon.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Potter

    P.S. A great day yesterday at the track!
    Oh, did Chris get the lawn mowed?

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