Posted by: porschebahn | April 7, 2009

1997 Porsche 993 Carrera Coupe

We at the dealership have been admiring this car for almost 4 years now. This beautiful ’97 Carrera belongs to Rob and Chris Waechter and it is the perfect example of a car that has been meticulously maintained and loved all of its life. The paint and interior are all original despite being 12 years old and showing 91,000 miles. It is a stunning example of the ever popular 993.

The Waechters are the second owners and it could not have gone to a better home.  Rob has been toying with suspension modifications to give it a more aggressive stance and handling. But he wrestles with doing some limited D.E. events. Rob’s very particular philosophy of maintaining this car and the previous Porsche’s they have owned, guarantees that this 993 will remain looking and performing better than new.


  1. That’s a gorgeous 993. Thanks for sharing such the great pictures. Congrats to the owners on keeping it in such great shape!

  2. The wheel wells are dirty and if Chris wasn’t always mowing the lawn she could tend to the more important things like wheel well cleaning. Come on, get your priorities straight!

  3. What the hell? Don’t drag me into this. First of all, I do not mow lawns, second of all I would never lower myself to washing wheel wells. If I did, who would sit in the driveway and drink all the beer? A girl has to have priorities after all, & Corona season started April 1st. As a side note, Rob does have a nice A#@ when he’s bent over scrubbing wheels.

  4. OOps, think I had too many of those Coronas

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