Posted by: porschebahn | May 17, 2009

Dirk Ahlbach’s X51 powered 997 Porsche Carrera S Cab










If you have been following this blog, you may remember Dirk’s 987 Boxster S in Azurro California Blue that was originally order by Porsche Exclusive in Stuttgart as a show car. He has sold the Boxster S and moved into this beautiful Guards Red ’06 Carrera S Cab. Look at all of the options and details on this car, unbelievable!

The car is powered by the X51 engine that raises the horsepower from 355 to 381 and receives Sport Exhaust. The Adaptive Sport Seat backs are painted body color as well as the console. And it has Red seat belts, gauges and Red leather trimmed floor mats.

Notice all of the leather with Red deviated stitching in this car! The seats, door panels, steering wheel, dash, shifter boot and console lid. The door finishers are leather with deviated stitching as well as the defroster vent area which gives it and the center speaker the same treatment. Even the emergency flasher and door lock buttons have a leather surround with the stitching in Red. Fantastic detail!

Then there are the aluminum look bits, the gauge surround, the A/C vent slats, the PCM and environmental control surround. All tying in with the standard aluminum look trim pieces on the dash, steering wheel and door pulls, as well as the optioned aluminum/leather shifter and emergency brake handle. Love the Black 19″ Sport Design wheels with Red trim.

Dirk, you have a very unique and beautiful car. Thank you!

Does Dirk’s car give you any ideas for your next Porsche?

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