Posted by: porschebahn | May 25, 2009

Gulf Oil LeMans Tribute Carrera Project – Part 6

1977 gulf blue porsche 001

We have finally moved on to the next phase of putting this Porsche back together. A pause of a couple of months to find a suitable welding shop and then to take care of family business slowed us down a bit. The shop we finally located was only a couple of miles down the road from us at Okatie – Shaw Manufacturing- they had the experience and were able to order the proper steel tubing for the roll cage. Adrian Shaw and Brad his welder were very helpful and Brad had installed several roll cages in his dad’s race cars. The steel tubing was 1 3/4″ dom with a .120 wall thickness. DOM means – drawn over mandrel – and is stronger than standard tubing. I had gotten several bids from local shops that prepare race cars and they ranged from $3800 to $4700 which we thought out of bounds. The bid from Shaw was $1600 and they did a good job.

 Thy project will now go to the paint shop or we may do it ourselves in my shop and the entire car will be epoxy primed top and bottom inside and out then painted inside and out with the correct Gulf Blue color. We have begun to prepare some of the suspension for reassembly and will only reinstall those items necessary for road use. All others will stay on the shelf as weight saved. We are still discussing whether or not we should use steel flares or go with the very light weight fiberglass flares, fenders, hood and doors. That would get the car down well under 2000 lbs and create a blue rocket with the beefed up 3 liter motor. $$ play a part and we will keep you up on the car as we now proceed to put it all back together. As always you are welcome to call either of us to offer advice or perhaps you may need some parts. Call me at 843 298-9677 – Eric

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1977 gulf blue porsche 002

1977 gulf blue porsche 003

1977 gulf blue porsche 004

1977 gulf blue porsche 006

1977 gulf blue porsche 005

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