Posted by: porschebahn | May 29, 2009

Porsche 917 Engine Pictures


I am a huge fan of the 917 and always looking for pictures and information on the inner workings of these historic cars. While aimlessly searching today, I stumbled onto these pictures and a very fascinating story on Pelican Parts web site.

On March 25th, 2006, Pelican Parts hosted an Open House and Auction with Brian Redman as Master of Ceremonies. Up for auction were 6 engines from the estate of Vasek Polak. The engines had been stolen from the estate, but through efforts of Investigator Paul Cohen working in conjunction with Wayne Dempsey, founder and CEO of Pelican Parts, they were recovered. The lot consisted of 4 normally aspirated 917 engines, one brand-new 908 engine and a 907 hill climb engine.

The money from the sale of the engines went to The Vasek and Anne Maria Polak Charitable Foundation which funds Cancer Research in the US and Europe.

To read the story, view at least 400 pictures and learn more about the Polak Charitable Foundation please visit: Pelican Parts/Vasek Auction

A917 1

A917 3

A917 5

A917 6

A917 2

A917 4

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