Posted by: porschebahn | June 16, 2009

Free Mobil 1 Oil for Your Porsche!

John at asked me to share this. Take the time to look at his blog, it’s loaded with great information and stories. Extremely well written and put together. He has been a great source of encouragement and advice for me. He has been doing this longer than the rest of us and he really is a Porsche Purist.


The 2009 54th Annual PCA Parade, being held June 29th to July 4th in Keystone Colorado, is fast approaching. This year, the Parade’s Time Speed Distance (TSD) rally on July 1st is sponsored by Mobil 1. As most of you know, Porsche and Mobil 1 have a long and storied partnership dating back to 1996. 13 years later the relationship is stronger than ever with Mobil 1 used as the exclusive factory fill, and recommended service fill, for all Porsche engines and a sponsor to Porsche Motorsport.

Mobil 1 logo

To help celebrate this working relationship, and showcase Mobil 1’s involvement with the PCA 2009 Porsche Parade and TSD Rally,’s Valerie Roedenbeck and Christian Maloof are attending the Parade and Rally courtesy of Mobil 1 and will be reporting live here on the blog, Facebook group and Twitter on their experiences and adventures. It should be very interesting to see how a Grand-Am KONI Challenge driver (Christian) does trying to stick to the time/speed rules of the rally (assuming they even let him drive) We’re kicking things off and revving up the excitement by giving away five cases of Mobil 1 oil.

That’s right, free Mobil 1!

If you’re one of the five lucky winners*, just pick your favorite flavor/viscosity and we’ll ship it directly to your door, courtesy of Mobil 1. Here’s how you can win:

  1. Spread the word. We want people to know about Mobil 1’s involvement with Porsche and the PCA so help us spread the word by posting a link to this article on another Porsche related web-site, Porsche based forum or other automotive enthusiast site. Once you post the link, let us know by commenting below (be sure to include your email and let us know where you posted the link). We’ll randomly pick two winners from this group of entries on the day of the TSD.
  2. Follow-us on Twitter. Do you Tweet? If so, you can win a case of Mobil 1 oil. How? Simple. Follow PorschePurist on Twitter. We’ll keep a list of all those who start following us as of the publication of this post. We’ll randomly pick one of the next 100 people who sign up to follow our updates and announce the winner on the day of the TSD. It’s that simple.
  3. Find us at Parade. Valerie and Christian will be participating in the TSD on July 1st and enjoying the other events with everyone else. They will both be wearing polo shirts (and also have some goodies to hand out). The first person to find them at Parade, mention this post and ask for a case of Mobil 1 will win. Make sure when you see Valerie or Christian you give them your preferred choice of oil and your address!!!’s Christian Maloof and Valerie Roedenbeck with Wolf Henzler at Sebring 2009  
  4. Random Reader. If you want a case of oil and feel like telling him why he should send one to you, comment on his post. The best reason, as determined by the judges (John) wins!!!

If you can’t make it to the PCA Parade this year, be sure to check out as we will be live blogging when we can, tweeting when we can’t and giving a daily round-up while we’re there.

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