Posted by: porschebahn | June 24, 2009

Perfect Evening to Celebrate the Palmetto Regions 40th Anniversary


The Palmetto Region put on a fantastic event for their 40th Anniversary! The day began with a rally that started at Patriots Point Maritime Museum in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. It was followed by dinner on the hangar deck of the USS Yorktown that is anchored at Patriots Point. The Yorktown is across the river from historic Charleston where we watched a beautiful sunset just as the evenings festivities started.

Porsche racing legend Vic Elford was the speaker and had us on the edge of our seats. He started out with a brief history on his racing career and then opened the floor to questions.  He shared many details from his first rally car, a Mini 850 to how he courted Porsche to get his first factory ride driving a 911 at the Monte Carlo Rally. The best part for me was when questions about the 917 came up. Listening to him tell us what it was like threading through traffic on the Mulsanne straight doing 200 mph at night, in the rain. Fastinating stories!

We had cars displayed on the Yorktowns dock along with one of Autometrics Motorsports Grand Am series Cup Cars. The parking lot for the Maritime Museum looked like a mini Rennsport Reunion.

Photography by Donald Lockhart

To see more of Donalds pictures from the event on the Palmetto Regions site visit: 40th Anniversary Celebration








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