Posted by: porschebahn | July 6, 2009

1997 Porsche 993 Turbo in Ocean Blue

This is another of my all time favorite Porsche’s, the 993 Turbo. We traded for this one last week and I wish it was going to my house.

This car has 35,527 miles and is Ocean Blue with Stone Grey interior. The options include 373 & 374 Racing Style Sport Seats with Z53 Porsche Crests in the head restraints. M6G Stone Grey floor mats, 692 Remote CD Changer, Y29 Aluminum/Chrome X71, X70, X54. P11 Self-Diming Mirrors & Rain Sensors. X77 Carbon/Leather Steering Wheel and Y05 Brake/Shifter in Carbon/Aluminum. The original Wheels were XD9 Painted Exterior Color and X89 Rim Caps with Porsche Crests. The wheels have been replaced with these 19’s. Any one know what brand they are?

The original order was placed on 10/24/1996 and the car arrived in the US 12/27/1996. It was shipped to Rusnak/Westlake on 1/13/1997 and the original owner took deliver 1/22/1997. MSRP was $115,557.

LOVE these 993 Turbo’s!


  1. Is this for sale?

    • Bart,

      Thank You for visiting.

      The car has been sold and the truck should pick it up on Monday to take it to it’s new home.

      Beautiful car!!

  2. Hi Bart. Thanks for the post. Very beautiful car. Is it possible to tell me what this car went for? I’m thinking of starting to look for a 993 turbo and wondering what market is for great low mileage (25-35k) cars would cost/


    • Steve,

      Out of respect for the new owner, I could not disclose the selling price. It was priced at $64,991 and have seen cars like it sell from there and upwards of $80,000.

      Thank You for visiting,


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