Posted by: porschebahn | July 10, 2009

Robby Naish rides the Panamera wave

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Wind-Surfing Legend Visits Porsche

Stuttgart. Robby Naish, 24-time world champion and wind-surfing legend extraordinaire, visited Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart and Weissach. In a tour through the Porsche museum, he was shown the “No. 1” Porsche 356 and heard the story of the Swabian sports car manufacturer.

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In a Panamera, the new fourth series of Porsche, Naish later drove to the research and development center in Weissach. On the test grounds, he made a few swift rounds accompanied by Porsche engineers in current models from the company, including the new 911 GT3. Of course, his visit also dealt with the topic of wind surfing and aerodynamics: In the development center, Naish discussed the possibilities of improving surfboards and sails by means of trials in the wind tunnel.

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Robby Naish is regarded to be a pioneer of wind and kite surfing. Already at the age of 13, the American won his first world championship in windsurfing, making him the youngest world champion of all time. The 46 year-old lives on Hawaii and still continues to compete today. He is also the owner of a company that manufactures and distributes surfing equipment.

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