Posted by: porschebahn | August 26, 2009

1962 Porsche Type 718 W-RS 8-cylinder Spyder at The Quail 2009







Ed Kriscunas took these pictures at The Quail last week and shared them with me.

The description on the car read:

Competitive in virtually every race it was entered, the 718 W-RS maintained a hectic schedule during its four active years as a sports car prototype. Built in 1961, the 718 RS Spyder, chassis number 718 047, was raced all over Europe, Canada and traveled to California to the Bahamas and to Porto Rico. Although designed for the then new eight cylinder engine, the Spyder premiered with with well proven “Fuhrmann” four cylinder engine at the famous Targa Florio in 1961. Porsche’s star driver Dan Gurney and team mate Joakim Bonnier, took a fine to Ferrari.

It was only in 1962 that the 2-liter, eight cylinder engine, used in the Porsche’s 804 Formula One race car, succeeded the four-camshaft, four cylinder engine that had performed so successfully in the 718 Spyder for more than seven years.

The experience Porsche had gained with the 8-cylinder engine in 1961 while competing in the Formula One Championship, provided them with many opportunities for the type 718 W-RS prototype during the first year of the “World Endurance Trophy” competition. After a sensational class win in the 1962 Targa Florio and the 1,000 km race on the Nurburgring, Porsche finished second in the “World Cup of Speed and Endurance”. Gurney, Bonnier and Phil Hill finished out the year by participating in numerous races in the US and Canada with the car. In 1963 and 1964, this W-RS Spyder dominated the European mountain championship (winning three in a row) with Edgar Barth driving.

In recognition of this Type 718 W-RS’s unusually long life and it’s success as a racer, the Porsche mechanics gave it the affectionate nickname “Groβmutter” or “Grandma”.

Thanks Ed!

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