Posted by: porschebahn | August 30, 2009

1953 Porsche 550-03 at The Quail 2009





This is chassis number 550-03 on display at The Quail. This historic car is being restored by Jerry Seinfeld and was the first to receive the 4-cam Fuhrmann engine. I love seeing cars in this state of restoration. You get to see the kind of work and talent that goes into a project like this. If you would like to read about the history of this car and other 550 racing cars, see Porsche Legends and Porsche Racing Cars 1953 to 1975.

Pictures courtesy of Ed Kriscunas


  1. 550-003 was the last pushrod Porsche race car.
    The large brake vents in the front of the car was a result of Jonny Von Neumann’s crash @ Torrey Pines. I do not believe it was raced as a coupe.
    My dad raced the car @ Floyd Bennett Field in 1953.

    • Hi Len,
      interesting to read that your dad raced 550-03 at Floyd Bennett Field – I suppose you don’t have any pictures of that ? By the way, John von Neumann didn’t crash 03 at Torrey Pines, but at Pebble Beach in 1954, damaging the left front of the car –
      I’d love to hear from you on
      cheers, Tony

  2. I think I was wrong about Floyd Bennett, ( I was at the race) I now think it was at Linden NJ airport, a professional endurance race, Dad was 3-4 laps ahead of the field when the fuel tank cracked.

  3. 550-003 was the last push rod 550

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