Posted by: porschebahn | October 10, 2009

1975 Porsche Carrera IROC Replica Track Car For Sale

iroc carrera 1

iroc carrera 3

iroc carrera 4

iroc carrera 5

iroc carrera 2

This 1975 Carrera IROC Replica is up for sale by Ken Collins. It was built by TRE Motorsports using light weight fibergalss replica body panels with front oil cooler. It has 9″X17″ front and 9″X11″ rear HRE 3 piece wheels and new brakes and rotors. The interior is in excellent condition with light weight carpet, correct RS door panels, leather 930 Turbo seats, roll bar, fire system, WEVO shifterMomo Prototipo steering wheel and Momo pedals. The engine is a 3.2 liter with GE cams, a Motronic chip, stainless steel headers and new exhaust. The gear box is a 915 and was rebuilt 1,000 miles ago. Ken is looking for $25,000 and you can reach him at:


  1. Just inquiring if the vehicle is still for sale.

    • Brian,

      I am sorry to say but it has been sold.

      Thank You for visiting Porschebahn,


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