Posted by: porschebahn | November 5, 2009

Porsche Dealer in Kosovo!

Kosovo Porsche Dealer

 Check this out! Army Lieutenant Mike Nueman sent me this picture after a conversation we had while he was taking delivery of his 39,000 mile, 460 HP (aftermarket modifications) 2001 Turbo.

Mike is being deployed again around Christmas. Our prayers will be with him and his soldiers.

Here is the email he sent with the picture:


Lovin the Turbo!!!!!  Wow is all I can say, what an incredible machine.   I had that thing truckin about XXXmph coming back up I95 when I left Hilton Head and it still had a seemingly unlimited amount of power. 

Attached is a picture I had promised you, it is a Porsche Dealership in Kosovo, courtesy of one of my fellow soldiers who is deployed there.  The country is 60% unemployed, but someone has money there obviously.  


If anyone has pictures of Porsche Dealerships in, what can I say, unusual countries, I would love to see them.


Mikes Turbo

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