Posted by: porschebahn | January 12, 2010

BGB Motorsports to run two 2009 Cayman’s in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge at Daytona

bgb motorsports cayman at Daytona

bgb motorsports cayman at Daytona

bgb motorsports cayman at daytona 

BGB Motorsports will be running two 2009 Cayman S’s in the GS class at the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, formerly the Koni Challenge, at the 2010 24 Hours at Daytona. They were at the track last weekend doing testing. BGB operates as a customer oriented business, building, developing and supporting cars under the Grand American Road Racing, Sports Car Club of America and Porsche Club of America sanctioning bodies.

I spoke with John Tecce at BGB this morning and he said the development and modifications that they have done to their Cayman’s will be available to customers for their street and track cars. One that interested me is the PSM delete set up. Even when turned off the PSM isn’t completely off and will still step in with traction control, ABS and engine braking. BGB has developed a way around it.

I am looking forward to seeing Cayman’s in some serious competition at Daytona!


  1. Very cool Wally. I wanna drive one!

  2. Rog,

    We need to make a trip to BGB and see if that can be arranged!

  3. Folks,

    The press is greatly appreciated. We’re really enjoying all of the positive support we’ve gotten with the announcement regarding our plans to run the Cayman platform in Grand-Am. If you have any further questions about the car or the program, please feel free to send me an email or visit our web site. Thanks.

    John Tecce
    BGB Motorsports

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