Posted by: porschebahn | January 21, 2010

Gulf Oil LeMans Tribute Carrera Project – Part 8

Hello Wallace – Finally I am sending in to you another phase of the project on the 1977 911S Gulf Blue Porsche.

It has been a slow and winding road so far but yesterday we finally got reasonable results on the third attempt to paint the car. Very cold weather, a balky compressor that lost pressure in the middle of spraying and just getting it all together at the right time have stretched out this critical phase.

Today we were able to get the fenders,doors and lids on the car and out-of-the-way of folks moving through the shop. It was amazing how nicks, scratches and dents suddenly appeared on the freshly painted pieces of the car regardless of how careful we were moving around the shop. The paint isn’t perfect but is OK for no paint booth and constant work being done in the shop. With a good wet sanding and buffing it will be just fine. Next time I will hide the various pieces in the attic of my house to protect them until it is time to put the puzzle back together.

Now we can begin the slow and careful assembly of the various systems necessary to get this machine to a running, driving, streetable 911. As we go through the process the various parts have to be cleaned and the years of dirt and corrosion must be wire brushed or pressure washed off and then placed back into their original positions. The careful placing of all parts into a myriad of zip lock bags with labelling has made the job somewhat easier to say the least. After we get a good fit on the fenders, doors, hood and decklid we will move to installing the suspension and electrical systems. I plan to leave the car on the engine stands until we put the engine in place.

If you know of any local retired ex Porsche mechanics have them give me a call as I could use some help with various parts of the reassemble.

Regards Eric 843 298-9677

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