Posted by: porschebahn | January 22, 2010

Clear Side Marker Lenses for your Porsche

Bob Baron recommended we put clear side marker lenses on the Ruby Red Turbo Cab this morning. After taking his advise I thought I would post before and after pictures of it and the GT Silver car. This is a very inexpensive modification at $62.00 a set and gives a cleaner more unified look.


  1. I never understood why Porsche just doesn’t change this up and do it as stock. Are the colored side lenses required by the Fed?

    • Starting with the 1968 model year the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandated that all cars and trucks be equipped with Yellow side marker lenses on the front fenders and Red on the rear to help other drivers know which direction a vehicle was traveling when viewed from side angles. The Europeans do the same but they use clear lenses on the front with a yellow bulb accomplishing the same result when viewed at night and those are the ones we put on the cars for the clients. The NHTSA want reflector lenses in Yellow so when the bulb is burned out it will still reflect in Yellow. I believe the mandate is under review with the NHTSA to allow clear lenses be put on the cars by the manufacturers. Let’s hope it goes through.

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