Posted by: porschebahn | January 28, 2010

Porsche 356 Body Panels by The Panel Shop

Take a look at the work from The Panel Shop! I follow Tom Yang’s Ferrari Restoration blog and found these guys on one of his posts.

Tom’s blog is about restoring Ferrari’s but I enjoy it because he is hands on and tells you and shows you how to do it yourself. He is all about the guy who wants to do his own work and save some money.

I looked through The Panel Shops site to see if they had any Porsche projects. I found this one and was blown away by it and their other posts. Look at what goes into making a body panel from scratch. Wow!

Mark had an interesting project for a Porsche 356 C Coupe. The owner wanted to replace the original steel panels with aluminum.

The compound curves of the Porsche are copied to the sheets of aluminum with an English Wheel.

The original door frame was fixed and cleaned up. The original steel skin was pretty rotted, but the frame provided enough of a guide for the new aluminum skin.

When Mark is done with the aluminum skin, it will be crimped in place onto the door frame, but first a coat of epoxy paint on the frame will protect the two metals from electrolytic corrosion.

Here are a couple detail shots of how the twin grille openings will be made on this C coupe.

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