Posted by: porschebahn | March 1, 2010

Gulf Oil LeMans Tribute Carrera Project – Part 9

Gulf Blue 911S

Gulf Blue 911S

Gulf Blue 911S

Gulf Blue 911S

Gulf Blue 911S

Here is the latest on the Gulf Blue 911S – Suspension is going in with new Ball Joints; Tie Rod ends, Rebuilt Brakes, Etc. Looking for Rear Sway Bar as the original was lost on some road obstacle somewhere along the way- front suspension tower brace, preferably camber adjustable. The doors are fitted and close nicely. The brake lines are being installed and the wiring harness and gauges are next. The engine is cleaned up and the original trans will be hooked up with new clutch kit and soon to be installed. I have found a set of super trap mufflers for the 3.0liter engine so I will have to be careful starting the car on Saturday morning or I may have the neighbors very upset.

 FYI I am moving to a space over in Sheridan Park so it will be closer to my home and more room – I think I will name it PTC (Porsche Trauma Center) My original partner has never really surfaced again so there is a careful learning curve underway with me and a good old fashioned hot rod mechanic I know doing the work slowly but surely. Car should be down on the ground in the next week and moved over to the Sheridan Park PTC for further operations.

I am thinking of a mild copy of the Gulf Oil racing livery with a bright orange stripe on the lower body and polished original wheels with the orange centers painted to match.

 Anyway this is a great hobby for a retired guy with time to learn new tricks – I am still having fun with it and am looking forward to the day it barks to life again.

 Regards Eric

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  1. Wally:

    I was going to make fun of the color choice for the shocks until I looked at mine. Hans, what were you thinking?

  2. Rob,

    That is a riot. People who live in glass houses and also have green shocks should not cast stones.

    I love it that you did the research and found out which brand shocks were green.

    I LOVE these cars!

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