Posted by: porschebahn | March 7, 2010

Gulf Oil LeMans Tribute Carrera Project – Part 10

gulf blue 911s

gulf blue 911s

gulf blue 911s

gulf blue 911s

gulf blue 911s

gulf blue 911s

gulf blue 911s

Well the 33 year old abandoned derelict is finally back on the ground and looking reasonably good. Suspension is installed and renewed, the brakes are rebuilt, steering and brake lines are in and functioning and now the fun begins. Wire harness, gauges and last but not least the engine and the original 915 S trans will be put in place. The 3.0 liter engine was taken out of another car and was running well with no apparent weakness so it will not be rebuilt until necessary. The engine had PMO’s and a hi tech ignition system that will go back on. I am partial to the sound of Carbs probably due to the 1950 Ford flathead V-8 that I learned to drive on – I of course removed the air cleaner against my Dad’s instructions so I could hear the machine “talking to me”. I will salt away the original 2.7 liter engine for future needs and to preserve the integrity of the car should I ever want to hook it all up as original some day. The exhaust will be supertraps and the wheels and tires will be relatively mild in order for it to be reasonably pleasant to drive around town.

I plan to paint the center of the wheels the Gulf Orange and place a period correct striping paint scheme just as the LeMans racers of old. My son and grandson are involved in the process and have helped a lot and each of us have searched the archives for the best looking LeMans racer and we are not in full agreement yet but I will keep you posted on our intentions.

We have a fair amount of wet sanding and polishing to get a satisfactory finish and wouldn’t you know it but someone banged up against the passenger door and now there is a door ding to contend with. All of this is happening in the middle of a shop relocation from out near Palmetto Bluff to a much more convenient shop space in Sheridan Park which is basically adjacent to my house. Instead of a 25 mile round trip it will now be 6 miles which will make the enjoyment level increase tenfold. As soon as I get the place organized I will invite you out – you can see the Porsche posters on the wall thanks to the generosity of a good Porsche friend.

I have gotten some interesting and enjoyable phone calls from folks that are following the project and I would welcome any more that just want to discuss the process and to bounce ideas off each other.

Regards – Eric   843 298-9677

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