Posted by: porschebahn | May 15, 2010

Dealer Launch for the 2011 Porsche Cayenne in Leipzig


I am sorry for the lack of posts over the last 10 days. John Howell (our Parts and Service Director) and I were attending the Dealer Launch of the new Cayenne at the Porsche plant in Leipzig. What a fantastic location for the launch.  We drove the Cayenne S on their off-road course where I was driving with one hand and taking pictures with the other, scared John to death. Then we drove the Cayenne Turbo on the race track and finished with the Cayenne S on the Autobahn where we reached 150 mph. The car is unbelievable!

Over the next couple of weeks I will do follow-up posts on each of the three driving experiences in the new Cayenne at the launch event. We received a tour of the Leipzig factory, then John and I traveled to Stuttgart and did the factory tour there and saw the new Porsche Museum. I will do posts on the factory tours, the Museum and the Porsche dealership next to the Museum as well as our side trip to Prague. We ate at the Christophorus restaurant at the Museum and I will do a piece on that also. FANTASTIC TRIP!

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