Posted by: porschebahn | May 18, 2010

A Perfect Porsche, Philosophically Speaking – by Dan Neil

I had several people bring this Wall Street Journal article to my attention.

It is a fantastic piece about the Turbo Cab. I really enjoy the way Dan Neil describes his experience driving the cars he is evaluating. Please take the time to read and watch the video interview – A Perfect Porsche, Philosophically Speaking

You may remember his L.A. Time article about the 2008 GT2 – 2008 Porsche GT2: Brute almighty

Tavis Smiley December 2008 – Dan Neil is the first and only automobile columnist ever to win the Pulitzer Prize. Described as having a “wicked way with words,” he also has a passion for cars. Neil is a native of North Carolina, where he began his professional writing career as a copy editor. His weekly column in the Los Angeles Times, “Rumble Seat,” won the Pulitzer for Criticism in ’04. He’s written for numerous newspapers and magazines, including AutoWeek magazine and The New York Times, and was a contributing editor for Car and Driver.

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