Posted by: porschebahn | August 19, 2010

Gulf Oil LeMans Tribute Carrera Project – Part 13

Wally – The story continues with the engine being reinstalled finally after fixing the case crack.

 Now we are moving at a decent pace with the oil cooler mounted in the nose and stainless lines run to the thermostat and oil outlet on the engine. The PMO carbs are mounted and the linkage is going in today. We are going to install a Marine specific Morse control cable from the clutch pedal to the transmission so there will not be the usual question about when not if the clutch cable will break. I am having a really talented mechanic from a local outboard motor repair shop help me with that improvement. Seats are set to go in and the tires and rims are ready to put the old girl on the ground.

After we get it running I plan to send it back to the fellow who does my painting for the final go over to include block sanding some areas I am not happy with and the installation of the Gulf Orange color along the lower sections of the car. The final trip will be to the exhaust shop to fit the Super Trap mufflers on the car.

Hopefully in the next month or so the next project report I send to you will be a video complete with audio of a running and moving car.

Regards  Eric

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