Posted by: porschebahn | November 30, 2010

Don’s driving impressions in his 2011 Turbo S Cab


First Day

Car arrived yesterday late afternoon so didn’t get a chance to drive her until today. Picked up a neighbor this morning and we went to town for coffee. I thought the Turbo S had a firmer ride that my 2009 Carrera 911 Coupe that I traded in for it. My neighbor disagreed and felt no difference but I’m pretty sure the Turbo S has a tighter suspension even in “Normal” mode. True confessions – I’m not Stig. Far from it. I’m 65 years old and require glasses for driving and reading. In my defense, I did race go-carts on a track as a teenager. I raced both the slower go-carts with (Clinton A490 red engines and also those with louder and faster yellow McCullough chain saw engines). And I did get a speeding ticket in my 2006 Carrera C4. So temper my driving impressions today against the above.
The ride in “Normal” mode is not harsh by any means and if I’m correct that it is firmer, it’s only slightly so. I’m not going to floor the Turbo S or redline it until I feel it has enough miles on it to be suitably broken in. I realize some people (even from Porsche) say to drive them like you stole them but I’m going to err on the cautious side. It will be hard but I will probably wait until it has 500 to 750 miles before I get crazy. Maybe.
It’s a climb from where I live (2,400′ elevation) to the Blue Ridge Parkway (elevations between 5,000 and 6,000′) and I pressed the Sport button on the way up. Impressive! Car’s personality changed. Engine growled louder (in a most appealing way), suspension tightened but not in a bad way, handling was more precise, and car seemed like it “hunkers” down as soon as the Sport button is pressed. Sorry but I did not try Sport Plus today. I like to save some things for “the next time”.
I have always loved the brakes on Porsches; strong, secure, they make you a better driver and save your hide. This car is my first PCCB experience and all I can say is WOW! I think I fell in love with them on the way to town this morning and after my drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway I asked them to marry me. It’s like OH MY GOD are these brakes great or what? They are amazing. The whole driving experience today was pretty amazing. I think the GTS I had on order would have been a great car for me and I especially liked the “clean” lines. I’d gotten away from wanting a Turbo because of all the slits and air ducts and openings; it just looked cluttered to me. After spending some time with the (tame) beast today I have to say, those slits and ducts and openings are looking pretty good! 

Day 2

It was another warm (65) afternoon yesterday (Thanksgiving) so I took another ride. Here’s a waterfall pic showing those beautiful brakes that work so great! I pressed the Sport Plus button to see what magic it does. Man, what a difference, engine really GROWLS, suspension really tightens, car lurches ahead!!!!! It’s like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde difference! I’m changing its name from Sport Plus button to MONSTER button!

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