Posted by: porschebahn | December 22, 2010

Exploring the San Francisco Bay Area in a Panamera 4S

This is a great article by Pepper Girl @ Porschepurist

As our plane touches down in San Francisco I realize the three hour time difference between east and west coast – a difference that normally seems exaggerated on these late night flights from Boston – is almost non-existent. Is it the anticipation of picking up our Panamera 4S press car? It’s not like we haven’t driven the Panamera before. Heck, we’ve even played with it on the track. However, this is the first time we’re going to spend any real time behind the wheel; six days in San Francisco and Napa to be precise. Yeah, it’s definitely the anticipation.

After grabbing our luggage from the carousel we make our way out of the terminal and over to the appropriate bus that will shuttle us to our awaiting Porsche. As we climb into the bus I can’t help but feel that something is different with this trip. Then it hits me, it’s the luggage. Normally, we pack light for these trips as storage space is, at times, a bit of a challenge in a Porsche. Not this time. We each have a full-size suitcase, a rolling carry-on and a backpack. Let’s hope the storage space is as good as we’ve read.

The driver drops us at our car, gives us our keys and bids us adieu. Lurking menacingly in the dark before us is all 16+ feet of our Panamera 4S (that’s a good 20” longer than a 911 and 5” longer than our Cayenne). It is a big car, there’s no way of getting around that. Looks like luggage shouldn’t be a problem… Click here to Read More

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