Posted by: porschebahn | January 28, 2011

Brian Harris’ Cayman S gets new wheels, tires and springs

Take a look at Brian’s ’06 Cayman S after the wheels, tires and springs were put on. The car looks SICK! The wheel wells are full! He installed H & R springs that lowered the front 1.4″ and lowered the rear 1.2″. The stance is everything and this car stands perfect. The OZ Ultraleggera HLT  wheels are 8.5 X 19 on the front and 11 X 19 on the rear. The offset is perfect. They come out the fender edge without spacers. The tires are 245/35 on the front and 295/30 on the rear. Look at the pictures of the rear tires, it looks like he is riding on rolls of bologne.

We were talking about these up grades and the Borla exhaust he had added earlier and Brian said he was heading down a slippery slope, thank God for understanding wives!

Can’t wait to get Brian and his Cayman out to Roebling Road Raceway.


  1. […] Check out pics and the post on the dealership blog at: Brian Harris’ Cayman S gets new wheels, tires and springs Porschebahn Weblog […]

  2. Awesome!! Looks great! Gotta tint the windows!

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