Posted by: porschebahn | April 3, 2011

Porsche Carrera Police Car in Huntsville Alabama

We are in Huntsville, AL attending the 50th Anniversary of the Heart of Dixie Region. Today we had a Parade of 104 Porsches and check out our Police Escort Carrera. As we were parked (by car years) at a beautiful 152 year old farm estate we were waiting on our police escort after lunch to return to the Marriott. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful Carrera pull in with the blue lights flashing front and rear.

The local township of Huntsville pulled over a Carrera a few months ago and the driver seemed quite nervous. They called for backup and the Canine dog and found several kilo’s of Cocaine inside the car. The driver went to prison and police force confiscated his car, they are now using it for special occasions. The officer standing by the car or the police chief drive the car and it really makes an impression.

Today it was perfect leading our parade of Porsches 15 miles back to the Marriott. Several PCA celebrities were in attendance along with the Porsche rep for our area. Just a great event with Chamber of Commerce weather!

Hugh Tackett
Secretary – Newsletter Editor
Wilderness Trail Region – PCA

Thanks Hugh


  1. That police car is actually from the Hoover Police Department, not Huntsville. Cool police car either way!

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