Posted by: porschebahn | May 6, 2011

New book: Porsche Racing History by Randy Leffingwell, to be published by David Bull Publishing

Dear Wally,

I have exciting news about a great new Porsche project.

Celebrated author/photographer Randy Leffingwell was asked by Dieter Landenberger, the head of Porsche’s archives and co-director of the Porsche Museum, to produce the definitive, official history of Porsche’s motorsports activities. And Randy asked me to be his publisher. The book’s working title is Porsche Racing History and it will be published in the latter part of 2013.

The scope of the book is enormous, and will be filled with exhaustive primary research. Randy is in Germany now, interviewing Porsche racing drivers, engineers, mechanics, and executives, and combing through the archives.

We’ve established a blog for Randy using our working title, and we invite everyone to follow him, read his impressions, and see his photos as he researches and develops the book. Here’s the link: His most recent post appears at the top. Be sure to scroll to the very bottom and click “older posts” to begin chronologically.

Working with Dieter and photo archivist Jens Torner, Randy’s access is unrestricted. The archives are meticulously organized, and filled with cool Porsche ephemera that is immediately recognizable. The main archive’s work area has the feel of a large, well appointed library reading room. Then there are two other smaller rooms-off-limits to the public-that house the vast majority of Porsche records, documents, and photographs. It’s astonishing (and a bit daunting) to see everything that’s available. After I visited Dieter in early March I thought to myself, “Randy’s got his work cut out for him!”

This will be one of my most exciting books, and I hope everyone will follow Randy’s blog as our project takes shape.

Best regards,


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