Posted by: porschebahn | May 23, 2011

1957 Porsche 550A 1500 RS

This car has an interesting history. It was displayed by Spyder 550 LLC at this years Amelia Island Concours.

The description read: This car was delivered February 27, 1957, to an unknown purchaser. Nothing was known about the history until 1973, when Roger Bursch, the noted designer of the Bursch exhaust systems for VW and Porsche purchased the car from a used car lot in West Hollywood, CA. Bursche intended to install a Porsche 911 engine in the car but realized that was not possible without tearing up the chassis. He sold the car, less engine, to Ray Litz, proprietor of Competition Engineering in Altadena, CA. Litz installed a push rod Porsche engine in it and campaigned the car in SCCA club racing with his brother-in-law George Maynes as driver. Litz sold the car to Maynes who continued driving it fitted with a two-liter Porsche 912 engine that he developed. After a crash at Willow Springs, he removed the original body and built a sports-racing replacement using aircraft fabric. Maynes reported that he sold the car and trailer to the Robert Peterson publishing family.

The car resurfaced in 1986, still missing the engine, transaxle and rear suspension, but still sat on the trailer as when sold. The original body was with the car, but was in bad shape so only the cowl and instrument panel were retained. The current owner commissioned a new body from a New England firm, but the effort was discarded in 2003. New coachwork construction commenced in 2004 and the new body was completed in 2010.

I apologize for the poor picture quality, I shot these around 9 in the morning. When I came back to the car later in the day the crowd was too heavy to get any better shots. I love this event but you need to get in early to get your pictures.


  1. Such a beautiful car, great article. Don’t apologize for the picture quality, with a gem like this you could use a disposable!

  2. Greetings, my father raced a ’57 and I have several photos. Contact me if via the email listed if you’d like to compare notes and history. Sincerely,


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