Posted by: porschebahn | February 4, 2012

I am very sorry for not posting in quite a while! Will be back soon.


  1. No apology necessary. I enjoy your blog and was getting concerned as to your health and or whereabouts.

    • Thank You Tom,

      Back in September my wife and I moved my mother in with us. She had COPD and Alzheimer’s. We had her for little over a month before she passed away. The COPD is what took her. When not working I spent every minute with her that I could. My wife was with her 24 hours a day, took her out to lunch and took her for walks in her wheelchair. We all had a great time looking at old pictures, listening to music and reminiscing about the past. It was a huge blessing for Carla and I to have her spend that time with us. I am definitely a momma’s boy so it has been difficult.

      Thank You again,


  2. Glad to see a new post. Any post. Looking forward to having you back!

    • Thanks

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