Posted by: porschebahn | December 12, 2012

Porsche 911 ST Replica

Kodak 123

Kodak 118

Kodak 119

Kodak 120

Kodak 121

Kodak 122

Kodak 104

Kodak 106

Kodak 105

Kodak 103

Kodak 102

Kodak 099

Kodak 100

Kodak 097

Kodak 096

Kodak 116

Take a look at this 911 ST Replica that Cory Friedman of Autometrics brought out to our last Harmony Motors (Porsche of Asheville) Customer Driving  Experience Track Day. This was the cars first outing after assembly. The owner spared no expense or detail to make this car perfect. I wish I would have taken several more shots to share with you.


  1. Wally is an excellent photographer but these pictures don’t really reflect how stunning this car was in person. The paint is inches deep and the car almost glows. I was really impressed with the paint job and the attention to detail from stem to stern. A fabulous specimen.

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