I am first a Porsche fanatic, who happens to be living my dream – I’m the Sales Manager at Porsche of Asheville (Harmony Motors). I was formerly with Porsche of Hilton Head.  I have a Dream Job, selling Dream cars, in a Dream place.  I fell in Love with the Porsche brand while living in Germany during my High School Years.  My father was a car nut and had instilled that in me, for American Muscle cars.  But in the summer of 1975, we were on the Autobahn heading for a vacation in Italy in his ’73 Pontiac Venture two door coupe (his idea of a family car).  Dad was doing 90 mph and this Green 911 passes us doing somewhere around 150 to 160 mph.  That was all it took.  I had to know more.  When we stopped at the Austrian border, that Green 911 was parked at the check-point.  I got out and took a picture of it, which I still have to this day.  During my junior year at Kaiserslautern High School, I enrolled in auto mechanics and my teacher, Mr. Rybar had a 911.  Then I started to understand what Porsche was all about.

I also have a love of photography.  As an outlet for my passion and interest in Porsche and photography I started this blog.

I am fortunate to be in a place where I see some great cars, old and new.  Sharing the images and information gives me a lot of pleasure.  I hope you will get some enjoyment as well.

Thank You for looking,

Wally Higginbotham



  1. Wally your blog is rockin! Been enjoying reading it! I’m looking at the header photo for your blog and am noticing the difference in the last two black colors. The Cayman is kind of a duller brownish black and the Cab is a striking gorgeous liquid black. What are those two colors called? Keep it up, love the blog!

    • Hi Wally,
      Will you happen to have pictures of a Boxster cream white combined with natural brown interior and white combined with natural brown interior.
      According to you which match would be the nicest ?
      It sounds very rare, I never seen any Boxster combined in these colors.
      Thank you so much, hoping you could have some pictures.

  2. Wayne,

    The Brown is called Macadamia and the Black is just Black. The paint quality Porsche puts on the cars gives them the liquid look. The Macadamia car was a special order with Cocoa full leather interior with Makassar wood console and trim. It is absolutely stunning. The owner gets tons of complements.

    Thank You for looking!


  3. This is a great blog! Also, you’ve got a really good photographic eye! I think I’ve finally met someone who is as in love with Porsche as I am! Enjoy your success!

  4. Wally,
    Thanks for the inspiration. You have a great blog. It has something for everyone1 I need to learn how to sent links to you from my new blog litlred.wordpress.com. I am an amateur compared to you, but I love it just for the fun. It allows me to play.

  5. […] Check it out. https://porschebahn.wordpress.com/about/ […]

  6. Wally your blog is amazing!!! I admire the fact that you’ve got ur dream job, selling porsches!!! Its great that you can live your passion!

    I was wondering if you could post some pics of a Macadamia coupe with cocoa interior (i’m actually considering buying one). I’d like to see if the combination works well.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  7. Can you post some pics of the Macadamia in your header photo please? The car is stunning!

  8. Fadi,

    I will contact the gentleman who purchased the car and see if he will bring it in for me to photograph. I will contact you when I get the pictures.

    Thank You very much for your kind words and for visiting the blog,


  9. Thanks Wally,

    What’s your opinion of a Macadamia Carrera with terracotta interior? Do you think it goes well together? I’m at a bit of a loss here, trying to choose an interior for my Macadamia. I’m stuck between cocoa brown and terracotta. What do you think? Or maybe you have some other suggestions?

    • I would be hesitant to do that combination. I would stick with Sand Beige, Natural Brown or Cocoa for the interior, and do a Cocoa top.

  10. Thanks Wally. Wouldnt the Cocoa / Macadamia combo look too dark? The sand beige goes well with the car, but i’m not too fond of the beige, too bright.

  11. Fadi,

    Take a look at the Natural Brown. It is a little darker than the Sand Beige and has richer look to it.

  12. wally,
    we drive by your dealearship on the way to getting the ferry to daufuskie. after seeing the pictures of george’s motors, i am really wanting to stop in with my son to show him around. i manage a german indy shop, up here in d.c. and i’ve run out of ‘cool’ stuff to show him! i am putting a ’72 targa motor together for a customer, but unfortunately we only get to do build ups every so often. it is VERY cool to see george’s work at a dealership. he looks like a craftsmen, which is getting very hard to find in this industry anymore.

  13. Mike,

    Please stop in the dealership the next time you are in town. We would love to meet you and your son and show you around. George really does enjoy his work, as we all do. How could we not enjoy working with these fantastic cars!



  14. wally,
    thought you might enjoy some of these pictures. a friend of the shop is a side porsche restorer and he hosts a 356 get together several times a year. the last 356 he picked up was up in wisconsin or minneapolis, he flew up and drove it back down home (d.c. area)!

  15. Mike,

    Where does this group of 356’s meet? Would love to attend.

  16. wally,
    the meet is at my friend bjorn’s house every so often. should be a couple more this summer. there are a bucket load of 356 owner’s in our area. if you’re looking at the pictures, of the link i posted to my mac page, you’ll see a picture of a lump on a bench (with the nice wall o’ chickies) that he is putting in the bus that is on the same page of pictures. bjorn has about 50 acres up here, he has a couple workshops on his property where he has several ‘projects’ that would make most people salivate. he’s a pretty cool guy, retired, 70 something and stops by the shop every friday for a barley and hops lunch.

    btw, good news, my wife has green lit me getting a 911. im looking for a 964. boring it out and dropping carbs on it.

    i’m putting a set of pmo’s on a 72 targa, at the shop. i’ll take some pictures monday and post them for you.

    anyways, the location is frederick (where we live) maryland. there are a lot of porsches up here, tons of real stuff (air cooled), and a boat load of 928 and 944’s.

    we are heading down for r&r the first week of august, would love to stop in and meet you.

  17. also, i didn’t take pictures of all the 356’s and 911’s that were there. my camera batteries died. there were about 40 cars there.

  18. Mike,

    I did look at the pictures and noticed the engine on the bench. Cool stuff! Let me know when the next meet is. If at all possible I would love to see it.

    Please do stop in while you are here, Look forward to meeting you as well.



  19. Hey Wally,

    As always, great pics on your site!
    I just picked up my new Macadamia Carrera S a couple of weeks ago, she’s a real beauty! I’ll be sending you some pics soon.

    I need your advice regarding my brake lights. They dont seem to work when I apply light pressure to the brake pedal. The lights work instantly when I brake hard, but they dont seem to work when I apply light pressure. I got the car a couple of weeks ago and I only just noticed this. Is this normal?

    • Fadi……this is Wally’s wife responding. He has just arrived in Barcelona to attend a Porsche function and will not be back until next weekend. I didn’t want you to think he was neglecting to respond to your issue regarding the brake lights. I’m sure he will answer just as soon as possible when he returns. By the way – congratulations on the car!!! It sounds beautiful! Thanks, Carla

  20. Hi Carla,

    Thank you so much for your response! Yes, it is a beauty, I’ll be posting the pics soon. A Porsche function in Barcelona, i’m jealous 🙂 Please give Wally my regards 🙂


  21. Hello Wally,

    Came across your blog site today…good to see that there are some true die hard Porsche fans out there…keep up the good work

    Paul Holroyd
    Porsche Motorsport Artist
    Owner of porschesport.com

  22. Wally –

    Thanks to linking to my site. I seem to cover the more pedestrian aspects of Porsche ownership. The shadetree Porschephile if you will. You, get to live around the glossy new stuff. I would if I could.

    Nice site. Love the coverage of the Panamera!

    • Kevin,

      I am a hands on person myself. That’s why I enjoy your site. You are doing most of your own work and you are generous and share what you do and learn with the rest of us.

  23. wally,
    are you going to be in town next week? we are heading south friday evening for the first week of august.

    • Mike,

      I will be here. Look forward to seeing you.

      • wally,
        sorry we missed you, we had a bad morning so we were antsy to get back to the island. i did manage to get a speeding ticket in beaufort though! police officers do not like to be questioned about their tactics down here, back home they kind of welcome a nice heated discussion.

      • Mike,

        Down here they just want the money! You can go to traffic court and they will drop the points as long as you pay the full price of the fine.
        Hope to see you on your next visit.

  24. How much for boxster creamy with saddle tan interiors. where you are? state!


    • JAS,

      Sorry I am so late getting back to you. I had a busy day when I saw your comment and neglected to get back to the comments from that day.

      The Boxster you were asking about was already sold when you sent me your comment. I post cars so people can see the color combinations and option possibilities. If you have not already found a car and you are interested in that color combo I would be happy to try and locate you a car or order you a 2010 model.

      Again I am very sorry for not getting back to you sooner. If you have already bought one I would love to hear about it.

      Thank You,

      Wally at Porschebahn

      P.S. I am in South Carolina

  25. Great blog!
    Am a long term Porsche fan and IT test specialist – not quite my dream job!
    Have run a 964RS here in the UK for nearly 10 years now and in conjuction with the Porsche Club GB published a book about it last year. I’m looking to start blogging and will certianly return here to see how its done.


  26. Tony,

    Thanks for visiting. What is the title to your book and is it available in the US? I would love to read it.


  27. Hey Wally –
    As a Porsche fanatic you have to check out this website:


    We just released “When Giants Raced – Porsche 917” by Hal Crocker – a legendary photojournalist who has been shooting motorsports for more than 40 years…

    I would love to see if there is any interest in having this calendar on your blog as a perfect gift for other enthusiasts…your thought?

    We have millions – of incredible images – just take a look at our site and it is always being updated.

    I can be reched at (770) 883-9507 if you would like to call.

    Take care,

    Nancy Suttles

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