Posted by: porschebahn | March 28, 2009

1971 Porsche 911 STR East African Safari Rally Car

Gary Kempton of Crawfordville Florida displayed this 911 STR at this years Amelia Island Concours.

In 1971, the Porsche factory prepared five special rally competition cars for use in the East African Safari Rally.  They were equipped with a raised suspension, skid plates, special suspension reinforcements, light weight seats, roll bar, rally computers, Heuer stop watches and a 2.3 liter twin-plug six cylinder engine – type 911/20 developing 240 hp.  All of the cars were originally painted white, but some were later painted green for the event.  This particular example has been identified as the #33 Waldegaard car driven by Juergen Barth, who was in charge of the Safari effort.  It has been restored to its original factory condition and specifications.

To see pictures of this beautiful car at Rennesport III, visit GK Restorations website

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